The Mystery of Dinosaurs

There is an unusual book about dinosaurs in front of you. You can not only paint the pictures of dinosaurs but also learn a lot about them, as well as reveal the great mystery of these unusual animals!

Learn many interesting things about dinosaurs, and explore the fascinating world of those magnificent creatures right on the pages of the book! Paint, play, learn and have fun! By simply using a mobile application “3D Zoo” animate the dinosaurs and control them. You will see how the dinosaurs presumably looked and will be able to have a look at a 3D virtual world!

How it works?
Install the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, and activate it by scanning the QR code on the license sticker.
Select the default language for audio tracks, if necessary, you can download the appropriate translation in the settings section.
Point your smartphone camera at the page and wait for the scene to appear. Control the characters through touch and using the bottom menu.
Read and play with the book. To ensure the proper operation of the mobile applications do not paint over the black contour lines of the drawings. Have fun!
Surprise your child!
"Living books" are the books with the effect of augmented reality for children from 4 to 12 years. With the help of a smartphone and free mobile apps the characters of the Live Book come to life right on its pages! They are available in different countries and in different languages and are produced by the partners under BluEgg Vision license. All books come with a colorful cover, interesting illustrations, are individually wrapped, and have the manual and a license sticker. The quality 3D animation, professional characters’ studio voicing, additional technologies support, such as virtual reality glasses Google Cardboard. These books are a perfect gift for your child, and definitely a great idea for business!

With these books awoke a child even in me! "The Mystery of Dinosaurs" is a really cool book with augmented reality. My son now loves to read this book before going to sleep. It is a real 3D virtual world with the majestic creatures that lived thousands of years ago! Very interesting and informative! Installing the application takes very little time. But then you will see so much happiness in the eyes of your child!
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Sofia Gomez
Living books – it's something fantastic! I am very glad that there are people, who devote their life to regaining the love of books for children! Books and reading play a very important role in the development of the child. And animated books from BluEgg Vision are a dream which came true! Characters sing, dance, you can play with them, and even talk! I recommend to all my friends and you too!
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Jana Kalinova
Our youngest son is just crazy about dinosaurs! The book is just great! So much information, everything is so interesting and well described. You read it, and feel like you are somewhere in the middle of Jurassic Park. We sorted it out quickly, with the app and installation, and then the whole family was fascinated by the book for a couple of hours. The great thing is that you can play with the book, and play long! It’s interesting to read the text itself, and then reveal so many opportunities for playing in this 3D world of dinosaurs!
I just love it! I prefer to steer clear of modern technology and try to limit the time my kids spend at the computer and watching TV. But technological advances are inevitable, and these books are something very special and unique! You can read them, can play and learn many useful things – they are very entertaining and useful for the development of the child personality.
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