The Legend of the Knight

3D knights come to life right on the pages of the book! Stand on guard for good!

The coloring book with virtual buttons! Enjoy the ancient times of brilliant fights and battles and meet real knights right on the pages of the book! Control the characters of the book - the brave knight Arthur and his faithful friends, little tiger and fearless mentor Lancelot. Paint, play with the characters and learn the fighting techniques! Help them to beat out the evil knight Vader and take a picture with any character you like!

How it works?
Install the mobile app on your phone and activate it, scan the license code on the cover of the book
From the main menu, select the language audio tracks for mobile applications, download the appropriate translation
Control the characters by touching them or using the bottom menu. Use the camera for interesting selfie photo
Have a fun with your kid! For proper operation of the book does not paint over the black contour line drawings
Wow-present for your child!
"Living books" are the books with the effect of augmented reality for children from 4 to 12 years. With the help of a smartphone and free mobile apps the characters of the Live Book come to life right on its pages! They are available in different countries and in different languages and are produced by the partners under BluEgg Vision license. All books come with a colorful cover, interesting illustrations, are individually wrapped, and have the manual and a license sticker. The quality 3D animation, professional characters’ studio voicing, virtual buttons. These books are a perfect gift for your child, and definitely a great idea for business!
Install the mobile app, activate it by scanning the license code on the book. Download the desired language for language tracks and select the language for audio by default.
Point your smartphone camera at the page, wait until the character appears. For proper operation of the application don’t paint over the black contour lines of the drawings.
Control the characters by touching them. Using a finger you can zoom in or out any character, as well as rotate it. Some characters support more than 1 place of touch.
To control the characters, you can also use the virtual buttons. Move your finger between the buttons to see how it works
Take fun photos and selfies with the characters. You can save the photo on your mobile device or share it at once!

Lily Prokhorova
I recommend to everyone! Great books! Our favorite is - "The Legend of the Knight". Finally, our dad began to spend more time with his son, it is also very interesting for him to understand how the book works and play with the characters. Do not hesitate, and be sure to indulge your child with one of these books. They are not only interesting, but also perfectly develop ingenuity and thinking.
Edyta Michalska
If you have a boy you should definitely present him a book "The Legend of the Knight"! He will love this live book that you can not only paint but also to play with. This animated book develops imagination, thinking, and it will teach him many good things. What else need boys as great main characters to admire and look up to!
Haykanush Ohanjanyan
Want to thank the authors! Amazing books, so interesting and fascinating! “The Legend of the Knight” is awesome - it’s a real world of adventures and great deeds! My son is just crazy about all that stuff he learned from the book. He wants to become a knight now and help people, and who knows! May be he will become the one!
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Chasity J. Hardy
The best book ever! I can’t even call it a book – it’s something mind-blowing! Very interesting to paint, to read and play with, absolutely absorbing! One of these books will be definitely a great present for your child, no doubts!

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