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An interesting range of books

Books come to life characters. Trend augmented and virtual reality in action.

Conditions favorable to you

We offer you to earn a 100% mark-up on goods, while providing an affordable retail price for buyers


Live books - print picture books in which characters can be revived on the pages of the book with a special smartphone and mobile applications. Buy books, users can download and install on your phone or tablet mobile applications from Google Play or the App Store, smartphone guide the camera to the page of the book - and voila! Characters come to life in 3D form directly on the page, they will speak, dance, sing, perform various actions that can be controlled well with any of the characters you can take a picture. Some of the characters you can paint, and then appear in that color, which is colored in your child.


A balanced series of books attractive topics of interest for various target groups of children up to 12 years.

Quality product

Licensed books, high-quality paper and printing, individual packaging, copy protection


Professional voice studio, augmented and virtual reality, high-quality 3D models and animations

Favorable conditions

The finished plan sales, accurate distribution policy, the high retail margins, copy protection.


Characters talking, dancing, singing - and all this in books

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Start earning with LIVE BOOKS

Exclusive conditions

We are the exclusive manufacturer of the only living books in Cyprus  and therefore we can offer the best conditions for cooperation with high gain.

International experience

Our books are successfully sold in various countries around the world.  Characters in mobile applications speaks Greek,  English, Russian and other languages.


Would like to sell a book for yourself with your own packaging? No problem! We offer special themed editions of books for aquariums, dinosaur parks, zoos, castles, children's centers and so on.

Protective licenses

Our products are copy-protected, so that our books can not simply copy and paste the Internet. So we protect the interests of our partners.