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Ads in Live Books - amazing opportunities for your business.
Advertise your company in the Living Books.

The number of advertising spaces is limited - hurry up!

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Advertising in Cyprus that works

                                    We offer you place your ad in the most prestigious locations, and books - inner cover band and back cover.

                                                                        Get to know the characteristics of this book as an advertising medium:

The target audience

This book is intended for customers who have children under the age of 12 years, respecting family values, active users of smartphones.
And this is your target audience!

Number of views

Each time opening up the living book - parents and children come into contact with your advertising, so this book provides a large number of contacts with the audience than any leaflet or brochure

Life cycle

The life cycle of the use of the book - a few years, in contrast to brochures or flyers, do not throw it in 5 minutes after meeting. Your ad will not only customers, but also their friends

Prestige and viral

Living Book - a trendy product in Cyprus. Advertising in this book - it is the prestige of your company. The amount of advertising space is limited. Due to the unique format of the book it will definitely show to friends.

The geography of our customers










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